Why Dentistry?

MOST OF US aren’t born knowing what career we will choose when we grow up, and some of us still aren’t sure what we want to do as adults! When we do find the right career, we can usually look back and point at a particular source of inspiration that really started us down that path, so our practice is taking a moment to celebrate what led us to the dental field!

The Path To Dentistry

Palm Beach Gardens dentist Dr. David W. Yates settled on his career plans in his high school years.  He had decided he did not want to follow his mom and older brother in the family business, which was Yates Funeral Home.  

Instead, he had a cousin in Asheville, N.C. who was a dentist and inspired him to follow in his footsteps.  Dr. Yates has four siblings, three of them practiced law. Did you know Dr. Yates attended law school right his post-graduate dental residency?  We can’t really explain it but to say – many of his dental school friends went on to further education in orthodontics or endodontics – he chose law.  And he continues to love the education aspect of dentistry – he’s always investing not only in the latest of technology but the new ways of providing better care for his patients.  Whether he’s adding sedation certification, surgery coursework, mastering mini dental implants or studying and treating patients for sleep apnea, school does not stop for Dr. Yates.    

Are You Considering Dentistry?

Come talk to us if you want to know more about going into the dental field. If not, we hope you find the career you love, and make sure to keep scheduling your regular dental appointments to keep your teeth healthy along the way!

You’re part of the reason we love what we do!