Our Wonderful Mothers and Fathers

It's a bit of a cliché to say your practice treats patients like family, but we strive for it nevertheless. I truly believe the way you interact with patients is just as important as the level of care you provide. You could be the greatest dentist in the world, but nobody will care if you are hostile to the people you CONTINUE READING

Tips for Capturing the Best Outdoor Photo!

Nature Photography Day is June 15, and it continues to garner enthusiasm with each passing year. It's been designated by the North America Nature Photography Association as a day to promote the enjoyment of outdoor photography and to explain how nature photography can advance conservation efforts locally and worldwide. Almost everyone has access to a sufficient camera with smartphones, but not everyone knows how to best capture a beautiful nature CONTINUE READING

Tips for Better Oral Hygiene

A study conducted by the University of Adelaide recently found that orthodontic care has no direct impact on a person's long-term dental health. In other words, just because you had braces or some other form of orthodontic treatment does not mean you can be lax about dental hygiene or regular checkups and still avoid tooth decay. Braces may leave your smile looking picturesque, but the fight for healthy teeth is fought daily. Here are a few tips for practicing proper oral CONTINUE READING

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