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Benefits To Using CEREC In Our Practice

CAD-CAM technology MIGHT SEEM like the newest technological innovation, but it has actually been around since the 1990s when Sirona brought this ingenuity to dental practices.  It was a revolutionary change in the experience for patients.   

The traditional procedure for making crowns is to fill trays with a putty-like substance. This goes in the patient’s mouth to make an impression, which then goes to a lab where they use it to make the crowns or implants. This process requires you, the patient, to come back for a second visit. Luckily, Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics® (CEREC) streamlines that process, making it easier for dentists and patients alike!

Benefits To Using CEREC In Our Practice

Palm Beach Gardens dentist Dr. David Yates has been using CEREC technology for decades.  He purchased the second version of CEREC back in the mid 90’s and has seen the technology evolve and improve over time.  His experience with CEREC makes him a top dentist to see for a smile makeover or a simple crown.  

How The Process Works

Unlike traditional dentistry that requires messy impressions and multiple appointments and a temporary crown that inevitably shatters in the mouth, CEREC technology allows for the crown to be made in just one visit.  Dr. Yates will place a wand in your mouth that captures the topography of the tooth area so a custom fitted crown can be milled while you wait and while you watch.  Our trusted dentist will cement the crown and in about an hour and a half, you’re back to work or off to the golf course!

Take a look at a CEREC machine shaping a crown in slow motion:


Staying On the Cutting Edge

At Gardens Dental Care we are always making sure we keep up with the latest CEREC technology. We love it; our South Florida patients love it and want you to love it too! If you have any further questions regarding CEREC 3-D printing, feel free to give us a visit in Palm Beach Gardens and we’ll answer any question we can!